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and simple. This hyperaemia is followed after a varying time

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Payne, of Harbome, to Gertrude, daughter of James freeman, M.D.,

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in transfusion he would observe that, however carefully the

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thought, it becomes still more clear that patients must

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J. C. Montgomery, M. D., Charlotte, N. C. Charlotte Med. Jour., March,

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The report notices the modification latterly proposed, in the

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vertebra, which was carious and almost destroyed, probably had

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L'6pid6uiie de fievre typboide de Bel -Abbes en 1893.

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directly and indirectly increases the work of the heart, the right

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membranes, but remains upon the lashes. The lids must be everted

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however, to place less importance on the quality of the food and more on

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were in possession of carefully constructed tables giving us the

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the attendants. It should, however, never be had recourse to unless it is really

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profession, and sea-air and sea-bathing, did not avail to restore him to

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will flatter somewhat in that position ; percussion resonance over

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tion and break up that combination and use at once the elements that

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of them, are sometimes excavated within its substance. In a remarkable

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fifitty and disintegratLog. Sometimes it softens, sometimes suppurates.

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rence with busy and watchful physicians. Most men are naturally

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mals, resembling pieces of tape. The tcenia solium ; the tcenia

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and from fluid aspirated from the subdermal swellings before ulcera-

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port themselves generally as do encephaloid tumours. Lymphadenoms

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Any, M.D., second son of G. B. Airj-, Esq., C.B., Astronomer Eoyal, to

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cleation was performed, and the sound eye remained unaffected.]

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tween the ages of 11 and 15 should be much diminished.

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In treating of memory, the writer reminds us of the renowned

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bly feasible though somewhat expensive measure), and

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