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it was only as far back as 1881 that Robert Koch gave to the

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contends that the degree of medicine granted by the T'niversity

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it ridiculous. Hut rliat is what the >nrgeon docs. He takes an

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them; digestion, respiration, cardiac action, the secretions, all are

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nates with the poor imbeciles we encounter in private homes

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day. The spleen was enlarged about one-fourth ; the boy was anaemic and de-

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as would result from abundant processes of oxidation in the water. In

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fever, marked constitutional disturbance, rapid small pulse, abdominal

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with a number of students with him. He was rather a tall,

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patient, especially if the case be protracted, must be vigorously fed, and

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with the maximum contraction of the cutaneous blood-vessels. Addi-

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(swelling and striation) appear, and choroidal tubercles may be detected.

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better exhibits than that sold in bulk. To tell macaroni rich

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The first officer remarked, rather cheerfully, that if the wind

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graphic limits, where it also prevails epidemically when the conditions

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kill all organic life in it, and sterilize it by heat. Plant peas

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Sugars are very rapidly absorbed from the stomach, and, as

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Up to date iu the present cpidoniic we have done fourteen

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The diagnosis of a gastric neurosis being clear, she was ordered a mixed diet,

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with the high winds and dry weather, the fire department

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mouth, did really appear to retard the advance of the lesion,