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coloured liquid which passed through is the watery extract or
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was about fifteen times and their total death rate eight times that
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Z i gt i7. Eluterium grows in North Africa West Asia
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sideration of the physician beeaiue of ite content of fat. It contains
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The indications for the radical operation are as follows 1.
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The Social Unit District is a very representative community. It has its
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of practical philanthropy has prepared a leaflet on the merits of vaccina
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phatic spaces and blood vessels of the nasal mucous
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normal oxy hjrmoglobin into nieth ha nioglohin. The latter
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tion upon the applicants for permanent membership referred to it
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On examination the breath sounds were harsh the lungs
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upon such remedies but upon appropriate food torrect habits taking
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Horseshoe Kidney. The most striking of the anomalies of form is
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degree of reaction. These figures are therefore the control figures
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injury. Venereal infections gave the highest rate being responsible
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So many sources of error have to be guarded against that
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begin in the hand but in the muscles of the shoulder or the
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as The Military Surgeon in which shall be printed the proceed
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eradication by operation. The limb immobilized by a splint either of
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Twilight of the arts Poet Lore vol. 24 October 1913.
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harnesses utensils etc. with hot water and strong soap lye or wash
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II. Gamasidse. The Dermanysses Dermanyssus Duges are the
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dren from two to fourteen years of age and on twenty
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quently affected according to L Epine s estimate more fre
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entire circumference though clinically none could be seen. There
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oxyHtU. The cpidemie appearance of the disease its almost exchui
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tress inflammation. She calls loudly for help but she does not
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diminishes the coagulability of the blood and in this
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Since M. Bernard s views respecting the glucogenic function of the liver were
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the left ureter with intermittent hydicnephrosis followed
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small tube d bent at right angles and connected by a caout
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satisfactorily explained by supposing that there w as a localized in
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which cephalic segments are not always very distinct from each other.
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sively with the pathology both minute and gToss of the tuber
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intestinal mucosa which might extend from the pylorus to the anus and was
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of matters would lead one to give a prognosis of the utmost gravity.
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provement regulating graduation in medicine recently obtained by this
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killing the minute algae that they feed on. The mosquitos hitherto
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for the instruction of the non professional reader. Persons con
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Over eating when tire lt i overeating in connection with over exer
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He had also some tenderness of liver and stomach urine very
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it is harmless when given in a proper manner we never saw
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a syphilitic nature giving conditions which may be placed
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not give more food than can be digested. Any amount
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vania University is located. A decoction of the black ash bark is the
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time when but little opposition from other sources was
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the patients were confined to barley water. When the
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the disposition cleavage and metabolism of the carbohy
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renalis. A nematode helminth the male attaining a length of ten to
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period of wounds and therefore merits great attention.
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designate it is a marked feature of present treatment. One
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tion function and management of the sanitary department than any
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Panaritium. Adolf Schmitt j o advises when the disease is
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wear away until perforation takes place and the tumor presents itself ex
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frequently used it in practice for devitalizing pulps for
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namely five cells from each of five sections which were chosen
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case where buildings were occupied the closet installations found
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within twenty four hours after the efflorescence first mani
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there may be short periods of rest to the heart which have been
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cially those due to the infectious fevers the acute
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n iust learn whether the vulvo utorine canalis drv or contains sufli
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have been assumed to exert an influence in exciting spinal hemorrhage.
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by the time the animal matures. The mammary gland atrophies
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His heels seem to catch the ground he dare not move for
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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. A colourless transparent limpid fluid
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Two principal advantages over x rays are claimed for
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in no way imply the pre existence of the concept of space.
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statuary on the other hand contains also many noted originals
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the first two sections of the 1914 form which occurred in
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by treatment owing to the chitinous nature of the egg shell. The
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of the epithelial cells which show profound signs of
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portion of the stomach lies entirely to the left of the mid
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They mixed food in a big jug and left it to stand the
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In CerBan cities of orer 18 000 the relation is nore Tident
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ness. Microscopically the liver cells are seen in all stages of necrosis and
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This last paper of his is characterized by assiduity like every
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bloodclota. Morris believes that this oAse demonstrates the pos
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sympathetic and the cervical cardiac branches of the
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topic with ample instructions as to breeding breaking and gear
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the ureter there is very little tendency for urine to escape
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