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structures are larger and better defined than in the smaller species.

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hurt by the agitation of riding. Hopkins on the other hand

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not think this could have been foreseen. In this connection

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Thus in its clinical manifestations North American mycetoma

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on the sores of lepers. He found leprotic globi in the intestines

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lesions such as sebaceous cysts. If the cyst is small

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enlarged since the publication of the first edition

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syphilitic infection and the effects of treatment often help the diagnosis

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Dr. William L. Smith a prominent physician of Baltimore county

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soon as the second eruption appears the patient is generally free from

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companied by rest in bed fresh air and careful nursing. The

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increase of 8 019 specimens in the general collection of mounted plants.

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advantage from its use and have abandoned it altogether.

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The danger of prescribing large doses is that the gastric juice is

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will also allow the registration of another man who has spent

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headach. The tongue is a little whiter and fouler than usual. The

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I suggestion that death may he due to gaseous embolism

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hygiene is obtainable from tho University of Edinburgh

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and pathological physiology and chemistry whose importance is

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by injections of sodium chloride in solution or other

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extraordinary sensitivity of the metabolism of the diabetic

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Physician and Lecturer on Pathology at Guy s Hospital.

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which occurred during the first few days of the ill

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these agents directly depress the end organs and nerve fibrils

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hysteria and epilepsy but Valerianic Acid does not appear

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discharge is reddish grey the lesion is graver and implicates all the

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and subject to the regulations hereinafter mentioned and directed. mentioned.

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stomach unless prevented by too great acidity either hydrochloric

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time in private nursing and was then appointed Head Nurse

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trochanter major. This was not so tense as the scrotal swelling. There was

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that the oatmeal feeding is without influence in very many ca.ses

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the heart. 5. It powerfully lowers the temperature of

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of relieving thirst and changing the dry tongue and

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hypertrophy of the heart begins in youth is followed by dilatation and finally

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motion the hypersesthesia of the surface and joints or circumscribed locali

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others it receives merely incidental mention in the majority of them it

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be briefly summarised as follows. There are grave difficulties in

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The first student nurse arrived August 5 1918. In September

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