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Spleen. Shows a very slightly diffusely thickened capsule. The

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Licences to practise physic were tjranted to 122 candidates

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indeed various experimenters differ in their views on this point some

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preferred to medium doses at recurrent intervals of a few

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and forgetting whatever boundaries may divide us seek by every

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monia. The authors are Professor Ponfick of Rostock Professqr

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tnttment of aaaociated morbid states in cases of undoubted valvular

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ously or perhaps from the smallpox contagion of man or from

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entitled to sickness benefit. It had to be admitted that

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present such as cardiac dilatation or anaemia dyspnoea is not a con

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antiscorbutic value of sweetened condensed milk. A well

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knowledge it might be impossible to abandon the use of the

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opening into the mastoid vvas made and the patient recovered.

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hydrotherapy in all their forms and there is no doubt that those

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may be restricted to the particular part of the cranial

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sues that had been observed after injections of the

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mends that the cavity be washed out with a solution of

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immense serous chemosis discovered so great in fact as almost to conceal the

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instituted I now see practically no cases of diarrhoea.

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those whose mental powers are intact local pain discomfort or general

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one. The old school physician is now saying Keep out the

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cultation along the left side of the spine the primary oesophageal murmur

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Fig. 245. Lad twenty years of age with multiple chondromata

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sutures. The extracutaneous loop was found germ free

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dealmg with the operations of the Expeditionary Force

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product bread. He insists upon the necessity of the introduction of the

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had for his house physician a young man who contracted pleuriay

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more thoroughly subscribed to this resolution than the then President

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market with the above but as they are all nearly identical in medical

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tract. This method of treatment was commenced a few years

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