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set forth below which shows the personnel engaged in laboratory

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McGILL Depressed bone fracture extending to base decompres

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than the controls. Tadpoles fed on thyroid with practically no iodin

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sue occupying the site of the old rupture. By intelligent oper

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those whose relatives have died of cancer in regard to the contagious

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should be treated as established cases until they can be proved well.

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fibrinous exudate upon the surface of the tendon and its

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tein is used. About 20 per cent terminate by crisis

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fection with which the stern old martinet regarded the

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Many years ago in Madras I discovered a very striking sj ecies of

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to Pi bi pitches the thickened patches have alee rad are in

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present which under defective hy pulmonary affections emphysema

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and for therapeutics as well by injection as by tap

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sometimes indicated by pain alone. The great frequency with which old

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lesions such as sebaceous cysts. If the cyst is small

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scarlatiniforme recurreus and herpes zoster. In tlie first

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out of every community of a thousand owe their lives to the wretchSi

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filling the post of resident medical officer at the Maternity Hos

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The figure is approximately an ellipsoid and its area may be calculated

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per che fu facta principalmente a receuere la humidita che descende dal

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it is not necessary as Roger and Roland have written as many of

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attention had been directed. Fat is better borne the more intimately it is

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be referred to presently. I have satisfied myself in many cases

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two cases of hairy pharyngeal polypi curious growths which

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There are now September 1 1921 5 804 officers in the Medical

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to Pauline churches are serious problems for those who would accept

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fetid pus was evacuated by a vaginal incision. Drainage was

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Elisee Cordes of Geneva who frcqticntly contributed

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diseases of various organs without being any evidence of the

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tumors regardless of histologic structure run a febrile course

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manner his accusations were all directed against the abuse of the

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mastoid antrum the Eustachian tube also by its pharyngeal and tonsillar

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NOTE An interesting and thoroughly studied case of pustube caused by the typhoid

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ease but upon personal peculiarities and particularly

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dition existed so generally as in this. In them only certain vessels had

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Of 13 instances where the pulse was above 140 9 or 69.2

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toxophorous group. It is by the action of the haptopho

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for which tonsillotomy may be needed. The operation though needful for

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ch dns and groups were disturbed by similar slight movements which

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preferred to vaccination from arm to arm in view of possible trans

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is as a rule of little clinical importance. Fatty degeneration however

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for the diagno.sis of the case or for brief record of

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the cercaria is enclosed and its tail disappears either immediately

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scopic examination showed that tlie tumor was not dermoid in

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water works and yet there is nothing so necessary to the up

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ought to be deemed imwortb of admission to membership.

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Besides this there are a little iodine bromine salt etc.

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lit and they are warmly reeomniended hy many icrman physicians as

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W. Pepper. In addition a large number of the ablest

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became physician to the Southern Hospital for Women

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three at a time as to my mind the disease is aggravated if

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slightly less than 3 per cent were associated with pregnancy

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posure was said to cause increased susceptibdity. Exposure to this gas produced

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cious use of an analgesic preserves vitality and nervous stamina. It

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his brother the next and a little grassy mound on the hilside across

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least after which the patient s doctor and not the patient

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the disposal of waste becomes a matter of paramount im

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gitis has long been a subject of great interest on account of the

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unless seriously disturbed. Pairing and oviposition took place at

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brane. Sometimes benefit follows from using at the end of the

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use of drugs and in encouraging reliance on fresh air

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extent in their expedients. The priests and exorcists

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pain. Touching the nape of the neck caused pain although nothing ab

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Spain through Algiers Egypt Arabia Cyprus Baluchistan to India

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ence Monthly for January 1912. The Form Board as a Measure

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measure raw meat must be excluded from the diet and flies

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adapted to the case in hand with a view to mitigate the

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still others sewed in bags of sublimate gauze ready

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weans of bougies and plugs of compressed wood. These latter from

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head in the passage by all its diameters. With small animals such as

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Smith s carbon monoxide method is greatly above the normal 6 46 and

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adorns the person and laces the hat of the dying lover.

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forming an appropriate appendage to the subject of this

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tions of the native residents who are more or less ac

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labelled has been the cause of very widespread mortality partly