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if not destructive to the medically trained individual is at

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to the cortex of the brain. The changes consisted in pro

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iency when the patient was admitted to the hospital that it has

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The frequent occurrence of Cslty liver with tulienuloaia of the lop

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part with an intention to hasten the suppurative process by in

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tom the stump healing up by first intention in nearly the whole of

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For sometimes neither redness nor tumour appears but the body is arid the

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organs are diseased. Elevation of the body temperature or

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cerned in the morbid process they increase in size and permeate the

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sterility. Mr. Norman Hairb said they were in common

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steady workman and his indulgence in alcoholic stim

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earthy phosphates. If after the precipitate has settled there


Williamson Llewellyn P. First Lieutenant and Assist

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few hours after the inception of the disease its progress is modified in

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hermaphroditisms extroversion of the bladder amp c.

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oil of turpentine others employ a thick layer of mustard after the skin

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table spoonful soda 1 tea spoonful thicken to pour.

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Roberton John On Medical Police Diet Regimen amp c. 2 vols. 8vo

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and that merry one in Plautus urged also by Aristotle that

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it was evident how strong the influence of the over

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of the lower extremities there is no perceptible difference while

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trouble and attention if during very severe weather the water

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focus directly on the capsule avoiding the corneal surface to

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at present under observation a child 8 years old who

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one which is too small a happy medium is desirable.

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ally change the amount of salts acids and bases in the serum.

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over violent physical exercise and as has been said had suf

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phatic spaces and blood vessels of the nasal mucous

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by that disease having been registered instead of 239 in ttie former period.

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The practice of rolling a person over a barrel or hanging him head

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The Censors of the Suffolk District ISIedical Sooietv

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the Beaune hospital center and began receiving patients on October 12. The

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treatment of such cases can be met in certain areas

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photographs the plasticity of which truly rivals life may fairly be

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congestion. With eosin and methylene blue the cells in the

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mild cases vermin and filth abounded and the ventilation was

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were sent out to all institutions where physicians and

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A special educational session for county and specialty society execu

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than those paid to medical men in respect of the same work.

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practical purposes. A characteristic feature however of the study of

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attacks of asthma may be the clinical equivalent of

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III. To advise and defend or assist in defending members of the

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with arrogance if I assert that the best examples of technical

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young parents develop early all the characteristic features of the scrofulous

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Let him confess that what alone he can criticize is the incon

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were satisfactory in the highest degree every vestige of the disease

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fibers rather than to the latter. If therefore as Gowers main

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epilepsy. In bringing them together in this place our chief

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The relation between cancer and the regional lympliatics is

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the patient was again put under my care. Jan. 29th temperatun roae to

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which the disease is limited to the brain very rare

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and congestive fevers the confusion of malaria with typhoid

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leolus had been drawn forward so that they rested on

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evidences of local lesions. This complicating factor tends to make

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registered. Enteric fever caused four deaths but the circumstances of

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that no Officer shall be elected who shall have retired

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ml most as at little expense as from the hsh monger.

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Medullary Cancer The gross appearances of the liyer are the

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sufficiently tight to retain firm hold of the cord and to etl cctually

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ricinoleate of glycerin which is neutral fat. Experiments made

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there being no limitation of the effusion by neo niembrane and bf H

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considerable dyspnoea although there was definite improvement.

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deformity or if this has already occurred to reduce it to a

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of the tongue are dressed by drawing the separated portions together

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this regard will some day be precious to the physicist. While wait

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tittle depending u ion thu degree of injury. Cold applications sui li

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ment. One should never be too optimistic for relapses may

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was greater implication of the arm than of the leg.

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Co. London. A pleasantly flavoured fluid preparation contain

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Delineations of the Changes of Structure which occur in

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in England or on the Continent. Male met with two instances of

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ing from a large cancer of the right breast with nu

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A comparison of native born recruits with those of foreign birth in

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rate of ammonia 60. Iodide of potassium 31. Harrogate waters

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over 1000 and approximately 350 graduate students pursue their degrees at

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many Europeans crossed the Atlantic to do him honor or wit

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Aperture in an Infant card and other card specimens.

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Infants at the lireast may show malnutrition to a certain decree but seldom

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Prophylaxis. a Tuberculosis may be kept out of a healthy

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constitute the emotions. For instance a financial loss or

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in a palpable growth of the stomach still a positive

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showed bacilli collected in groups and in ball like masses.

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shown in the British returns for 1900 the first complete

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were spelled Lennec that is it should so be pronounced.

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erysipelatous or other inflammation of areolar tissue of neck. Retro

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who had suffered from miscarriages and a severe flooding after a con

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mild attack of typhoid fever. He had been ailing about two weeks

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reported to the Bureau of War Risk Insurance. Degrees of disability

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Wales to serve as a base hospital for the new division or

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tion of the adrenals being lost the system is poisoned by

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phrey London 1770 the title is given as Madame La Comtesse du